1. Article submitted to RUMPUN must be original and not be under consideration for publication elsewhere.
  2. The article can be written both in Malay or English language. Article in English must have an abstract and title in Malay.
  3. Abstract in Malay language is required if the journal is in English language. An abstract must at less 200-250 words and five keywords
  4. Article must be in Ms Word doc. and the text should be between 5000-7000 words (references, table, figure and attachment are excluded).
  5. Do not write name and address on the article. The name of authors must send separately in different file.
  6. The author have to suggest two reviewer in the related field by giving their name, email and address for evaluating process. The reviewers must have a doctorate in relevant areas.
  7. Topics of the article covers Malay/Indonesian literature, Malay language, culture, heritage, art and education in Malay/ Indonesian literature.
  8. The Editorial Team  and Editor-In-Chief reserves the right to make editorial changes to any article accepted for publication to enhance clarity and style without having to inform the author.
  9. The Editorial Team and the Editor-in-Chief reserve the right to remove any article published if in the opinion of the editor-in-chief has damaged the reputation of the journal without having to notify the author.


  1. Single spacing 
  2. Font Times New Roman, 11 point
  3. Margin 2.54 cm (left & above), 1.9 (right & below)


  1. Written in both languages, Malay and English language
  2. Not more than 12 words
  3. Font Times New Roman, capital size, 14 point, bold, and single spacing

 Body of Article

  1. Introduction
  2. Problematic statement
  3. Methodology
  4. Results and discussion
  5. Conclusion
  6. Table/Figure/Diagram/Illustration
  7. Figures, tables and all related must be in proper form for publication
  8. References


  1. Article must be submitted by registered through
  2. The author must be completed all the particular required 
  3. The author must nominate two qualified reviewers from different institutions with their full name, position and email address.


  1. RM 200.00 costs as a fee (for publishing and delivering cost)
  2. The selected articles will be published online


  1. Reference should be more than 20 and five of them must cited from journals.
  2. THREE references must be cited from article published by RUMPUN Jurnal Persuratan Melayu.
  3. References must be up to date, (at least from five years back). 
  4. American Psychological Association (APA- 7th edition) style of writing MUST BE APPLIED within the writings of the articles.

 Technical Aspects

Content of the article should include:

  1. Title (Not more than 12 words)
  2. Author(s)’ name(s)
  3. Full address of the affiliation of each author
  4. E-mail addresses of each author
  5. Abstract (200 – 250 words)
  6. Keywords (5 words )
  7. Body of article:
    • Introduction
    • Problems statement
    • Methodology (optional for conceptual papers)
    • Results and discussion (optional for conceptual papers)
    • Conclusion
  8. Acknowledgement